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Virtually all websites place cookies in your browser when you visit them. These cookies are used for two purposes: tracking website views and clicks (analytics cookies), and tracking views and clicks on advertisements (advertising cookies). If you’ve ever returned to a website and it “remembered” you, it’s because there was a cookie in your browser telling the site that you’d returned. Cookies can be either “session” cookies, which expire when you leave a site, or “persistent” cookies, which last after you leave a site, typically for about 30 days. For analytics and advertising purposes, most cookies are persistent.
As a rule, cookies are “anonymous” regarding your personal information. They only identify browsers uniquely, not the people using the browser. uses analytics cookies from Google Analytics and advertising cookies from Google Adsense, 247 and occasionally other advertisers.

Advertising cookies

Virtually all advertising-supported sites use cookies to make sure that the same ad doesn’t appear too often to the same visitor. Some of these cookies also track user behaviour across different sites in order to serve ads that seem most relevant to the user’s online behaviour, in a practice called behavioural targeting.
Recently Google Adsense introduced such a program, and as a required part of the Adsense program uses these behavioural cookies.

Refusing or Removing Cookies

All cookies can be refused by adjusting the appropriate settings in your browser; however, not accepting any cookies at all can make web browsing a frustrating experience. You can also delete cookies periodically or at the end of each browsing session by adjusting the appropriate settings in your browser, however some sites may not “recognize” you when you return.
Users can learn more about Google and cookies, as well as opting out of Google’s behavioural program by going to:

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