How Tall Is Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is a fairly short man standing only at 5 feet 10 inches for his height. The Hollywood silver screen made him look much taller with the way they shots scenes from different angles. Not to mention his high powered action films kept your mind off the fact that he is on short end of the man growth curb.

Gucci Mane Official Website

Sad to say but with all the money this rapper has made there is no gucci mane official website for fans to follow up with him on his music. Atlantic Records has a sub page off of there main website but it’s a joke and this guy really needs a webmaster but he is to busy buying chains and chinchilla coats.

Is Barack Obama Left Handed

The 44th President of the United States is definitely a left handed man and stands as the forth lefty to run the country since Ronald Reagan. The left hand will not help him head up the U.S. with ease though. When it comes to leading Americans it takes much more than right or left handed attention.

Hot Bikini Photos Megan Fox

Some hot bikini photos megan fox can be found all over the Internet but to make it easy for you we have put together some of our favorite. Surely she is years hotter than she ever was in the first Transformers movie. Megan is so confident that she is sporting some all kind of sexy tattoos on her body including the side where there is…

Age of Larry King’s Wife

Larry King’s wife Shawn Southwick was born in the year of 1959 so depending on when you actually read this post she could be 51 or 60 years old. The actual month and day is November 5th so you can add or subtract the numbers to get the answer you need. Shawn certainly carries herself well and looks really good.

Robert Pattinson Hairstyles

What would you call the Robert Pattinson Hairstyles when you look at them up close or from far away. The pictures above may look crazy at times but believe me when I tell you that it is organized chaos. Front layered haircuts are popular for men that have the confidence to wear them and Robert Pattinson is definitely one of those people.

Oprah Winfrey Hairstyles

Looking for a plain but grown woman look try the Oprah Winfrey hairstyles which work really well for the billionaire tycoon talk show host. Oprah has managed to keep her haircuts simple yet effective with the exception of a few times she had it blowed out. The owner of Harpo Productions finds the ways to address the up and down weight loss with the hair…

Freida Pinto Hairstyles

The Freida Pinto hairstyles are not Slum Dog type haircuts that this Indian woman rocks. These cuts are high class and big dollar Hollywood styles that you frequently see on the red carpets and silver screen blockbusters. If you have long hair like Freida has you have some great things you can do with it.

Zac Efron Haircuts

Zac Efron haircuts seem to be the hairstyle choice of young teenage men around the United States. There is many selections you can choose from including ponytail styles and slick pull back cuts. Depending on who you are your choice will have you presented as a good or bad boy in the room.

Ciara Black and White Striped Bikini

Ciara has has been in the media with questions of whether she was a man or a woman. There were rumors that she was even a tranny at one point and time. Well this picture surely shows that Ciara is all woman as she takes the cover of a magazine in a black and white striped bikini. The curves on this woman are incredible and…

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