Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Fashion Rules for Wearing White

Todays Fashion Rules for Wearing White have thrown the old traditions out the door. Wearing white is no longer a hassle with unnecessary rules from a fashion police in the sky. Memorial Day and Labor Day used to be the start and stopping timeline for wearing white, due to past social classes in the south. The high society upper class could afford to stop wearing…

Haircut Ideas for Long Hair

Look at these beautiful Haircut Ideas for Long Hair. Long hair is not the easiest to style, so choosing great haircut ideas is significant to the look of your long mane. To give your long hair a different look you can get bangs, whether they are side-swept or blunt. Also, adding layers will give your hair a lot of body and volume.

Best Hairstyle for Naturally Curly Hair

The Best Hairstyle for Naturally Curly Hair is always a free form hairstyle. Naturally curly hair looks best when it is in a unstructured hairdo. When you style your hair, you should let it naturally fall in place. This technique works especially great for an updo.The curls in curly hair give it its natural beauty, so there is no need for any extra enhancements. But…

Mariska Hargitay Hairstyles

These Mariska Hargitay Hairstyles include a sassy yet chic haircut, an elegant updo, and a wavy medium length sexy cut. Mariska Hargitay really knows how to choose sophisticated hairstyles for he unique look. I think the haircut suits her the best. It gives her a defined debonair image.

Burberry Gold Woven Satchel

This burberry gold woven satchel is a gem. Burberry has a classic style so when you add gold to that quality, it really enhances a woven satchel. It will set your pockets back, but hey at least you will be stylish. So if you want that elegant chic look, grab this bag or a handbag like it for all us budget fashionistas.

Rihanna Mohawk Haircut

Look at Rihanna mohawk haircut which further proves why Rihanna is the hairstyle haircut queen to me. This mohawk is live and she has the swag to wear it, like a the rock star she symbolizes. I like the fact that she knows how to rock this hairstyle in various looks, like the quiff updo that she wore. Very edgy and stylish. Love it!

Cuts and Styles for Hair

These Cuts and Styles for Hair will give some ideas of what hairstyles and hair looks are popular and trendy now. Choosing what cuts and styles work for you can be challenging, but not impossible. All you have to do is, figure out your face shape and follow the guidelines in your category for what haircut shapes your face to accentuate your best features. The…

Cassie Shaved Haircut

Who likes Cassie shaved haircut? I am partial to it. It’s something about a half shaved half long haircut that makes me feel like the hairstyle is undone. Now Cassie is a pretty young lady and that’s the only reason why the hair possibly works. This is definitely not a hair-do for anyone to rock. I think I do not like it because Cassie does…

Rihanna’s Quiff Hairstyle

This Rihanna’s quiff hairstyle is rock star meets chic. She has became my hairstyle queen. Rihanna’s hair stylist has turned a 1950’s male hairstyle, the quiff, into a stylish modern female coiffure. This is hairstyle genius in my book. The quiff hairstyle became to light in the 50s amongst male rockabilly artist and actors combining a pompadour, a flat top, and a mohawk. How cool…

Solange New Haircut

I am not sure Solange new haircut flatters her well. I know probably as Beyonce Knowles’s sister its kind of hard for Solange to stand out, but this new haircut has people talking. I do not think it works for her. Its very daring for any woman to cut all their hair off, but that does not mean just cause you have the guts to…

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