Listen to Janet Jackson Nothing MP3

Janet Jackson is back with a new song called “Nothing” that sounds like a something we are use to hearing. I really like this song and it’s said that Brain Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupri produced it together.

T.I. and His Daughter Deyjah

Here is a picture of rapper T.I. and his daughter Deyjah at her 14th birthday party. I’m sure Clifford Harris likes the fact that he is not celebrating this special occasion with his daughter behind bars in Arkansas.

Lil Wayne Wearing Burberry Scarf

Lil Wayne is not known for wearing burberry scarfs or anything else that is not representing a thug and hip hop but here he is looking very dignified. This is a very nice casual look for this rap artist and I really wish other rap artist would take note and pull their pants up. If urban music artist would start dressing like this the world…

Fergie Magazine Pics

Here are a pretty good selection of fergie magazine pics from the media outlets that she has been in and on throughout the years. Stacy Ferguson is very popular and one of the main singers of the group Black Eyed Peas. Her images are all over the Internet and guys love them for the sexy poses and women love them for the hairstyles.

Keychia Cole Wrist Tattoo Picture

I think that keyshia cole wrist tattoo picture is hot and the ink actually gives her a little bit more of an edge than the other rnb singers that don’t have any tats. The pic of the rose on her wrist is hot and intricate too. Normally Keyshia rocks some type of bracelet to bring attention to the tattoo which works well for her. This…

List of All Julia Roberts Movies

You have to get the collection list of all julia roberts movies if you are anything close to a DVD or Blu-Ray collector. I actually had to write about this because I am getting a little more serious about my collection and just her catalog alone is deep. The women from Smyrna Georgia getting to the real Hollywood money has been in several movies and…

Entertainment / February 25, 2010

Matt Damon Shirtless in Invictus

Women have been talking lately about matt damon shirtless in invictus so I thought I would give them a little Hollywood eye candy today. One thing for sure this guy has been in the gym and he is NOT playing around in there like most people. I promise you that the matt damon movie torrent numbers will go up in the female circles. Mr. Bourne…

Entertainment / February 25, 2010

Ludacris How Low Can You Go Audio

The ludacris how low can you go audio is available in a couple of different places and some of those spots you can get it for FREE. I always check the website to see what’s out because they are not playing around. Of course you can Google the title and place Zshare after it and if it’s available it will show up. Then you…

Entertainment / February 25, 2010

Lebron James Puppet Shirt

Nike is a genius sneaker company and the lebron james puppet shirt with kobe bryant is selling like crazy for the people who love the Zoom Nike brand. These elite NBA basketball players have hit it big with the commercials and the Youtube videos they drop to market the sneakers and the shirts. I love the hype so much that I actually bought one myself…

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