Louis Vuitton Bag

T.I. Louis Vuitton Shoes

Now that the rapper T.I. is back home he waste no time getting back to swagger essentials like his Louis Vuitton Shoes, Checkbook cover and bag. Talk about being a male diva this dude is giving Andre 3000 and Kanye west a real run for their clothing and dressing money.

Jay-Z and Wife Beyonce

Jay-Z Is an Old Man

Yup, the days has arrived where Jay-Z is officially looking like an old man especially next to his wife Beyonce. A skipper hat and camouflage pants is just not cool Jigga. How old are you anyway 40 or 45?

Pictures of Taylor Swift

Posters of Taylor Swift

Guaranteed posters of taylor swift will flood the streets once again when she gets ready to drop her new album. After crushing all competition with her Fearless album Taylor Swift is ready to record something new for her fans and it will be very different from the first album. I can’t wait to hear the single that will be released and I’m wondering if she…

Usher and Justin bieber

How Old Is Justin Bieber

Usher may be singing Daddy’s home but fans are asking how old is justin bieber that he can dethrone the rnb superstar boss from the billboard charts with his My World 2.0 album. Yup, Usher’s Raymond versus Raymond was knocked down by his own artist which is rare and crazy. I’m sure with the money they are getting now the justin bieber shirt off pics…

Jonalle Monae Hairstyle Pictures

Janelle Monae Rockabilly Hairstyle

Here are some Jonalle Monae Hairstyle Pictures from the honey magazine photo shoot she was in that landed her on the cover of the publication. Yup, it looks like the Rockabilly hairstyles are making their way back from the 1950’s and might be really popular again.

dress up lil kim

Dress Up Lil Kim

Who is responsible for the dress up lil kim escapades that we have been seeing over the last couple of months. I actually think the chick is looking like a lady instead of a freak on the streets. Her hair extensions are right and not looking like a $20 wig. I still think she went to far with the plastic surgery but I guess she…

tila tequila no clothes

Tila Tequila No Clothes

This is the closest that most will see of Tila Tequila no clothes on in a public place like the Sirius Satellite step and repeat banner. You know you are hot anytime you can show up in front of cameras wearing a purple thong and blonde hairstyle. Not to mention her clothing is see thru revealing most of her body parts. I guess she is…

Teyana Taylor Pics

How Tall Is Teyana Taylor

Man how tall is teyana taylor the singer to be cat walking on a model stage in this sexy outfit. Just looking at her here in Atlanta I would say that she is about 5 foot 6 inches. I have more Teyana Taylor pics and you can see that she is a short woman with some serious natural wavy hairstyles.

Whitney Houston Breast

How Old Is Whitney Houston

I have been wondering lately how old is whitney houston now and what is she doing to keep having to go to the hospital. Many people are jumping back on the drug problem but I’m actually giving old Whitney a chance to prove that she is better than ever and clean. I can tell  you this though people are missing talking about her breast enlargement…

World Natural Hair Show Pictures

2010 World Natural Hair Show

The 2010 World Natural Hair Show was everything you would expect it to be and that means it was great and full of natural men and women by the hundreds. 2009 the past and 2011 the future have to be mentioned because there is and should be much that is different to talk about. Of course people like, Curly Nikki followers, Lexi with the…

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