Kandi Changes Her Hairstyle

Kandi missed my teased bob action and my curls post by a few days. Ugh! So, anyway, Kandi has drastically changed her style and I don’t know if I love it but, I def like it. Maybe I’d love it if the part didn’t dent the hair so much. Kandi is the type who can rock any style simply because, she is so pretty.  I…

Nicole Ari Parker Short Haircut

First off I must say that I absolutely love Nicole Parker and Boris Kodjoe. They look so cute together. Anyway, the couple made the cover of EBONY Magazine this month and it’s clear that Nicole changed up her style a little bit. She went from the granny medium length hair to a short sexy pixie cut. She even dyed it gold. You go girl.

Brandy Is Back to Rocking Braids

So, R&B singer Brandy was recently photographed out with her new boo rocking an old style… Her signature box braids. I’ve always thought Brandy was pretty then when started “getting up in age”; I kind of changed my mind. I see now that it was just the jacked up eyebrows and hideous lacefront wigs. With her braids I can see hoe pretty she is again….

Beyonce and Her Red Hair!

So Beyonce’ is the latest to rock the red hair. I absolutely love this look on her but; I don’t see her keeping it. It’s too much like Rihanna’s. Actually, it’s exactly like the style Rihanna wore. At any rate if I could only see ONE person wearing it- I’d chose Beyonce’ in a heartbeat. She looks amazing!

Beyonce’ Rocks Gold Hair for Tom Ford

Beyonce wore a gold poofy looking style as she walked the runways for one of my favorite designers- Tom Ford. She looked amazing and her hair was really cute. I think I love this look for one because, I just wore it and two because, she looks stunning. I love the effect of the super dark roots against the blondish hair. You Go Bey!

More Dip-Dyed Hair for Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is on an ombre overkill.  I’m actually kind of tired of seeing it. On New Years Eve she rocked this look. It’s cute on her but, it can’t touch her last style with the blonde, gold and brown tips. She should’ve stuck with that. What do you think?  Oh and for those wondering how she does it… She uses cupcake icing!    

Nicki Minaj Poodle Hair

Nicki Minaj is about the only person who can rock this triangle poodle style haircut. She looks crazy but, cute. She kind of reminds me of a Disney character. I just can’t think of which one right now. I actually like this look on her. She looks pretty. What do you think?!

Kim Kardashian Red Ombre Hairstyle

Kim Kardasian twitpic’d a picture of herself in her new video. She is rocking a black chinese bang wig with red ombre. She looks absolutely stunning. I wish there were more pictures but, she only released one. I can’t wait to see this video.

Solange Rocks Braids for the New Year

Solange Knowles changes up her style a lot and I surprisingly love most of her looks. These braids are no different. I love them on her. I can’t see the top but, I can vision what it looks like without the turban. They’re thick, neat and long. Perfect!

Willow Smith Latest Hairstyle

Willow Smith performed wearing a new hairstyle and like most of her other hairstyles… This one is a mess. I completely understand that you want your children to venture off to do their own thing and create their own styles. I can get with that but, sometimes you have to put your foot down and say, “No, baby. This isn’t a good look.” This child is just too…

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