What ethnicity is Vanessa Bryant?

What Ethnicity Is Vanessa Bryant?

What ethnicity is Vanessa Bryant? This is one question that continues to elicit lots of controversy and speculation many years after it first came up. Vanessa Bryant is the wife of legendary NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. The couple got married on 18 April, 2001 in a ceremony that was shunned by Kobe’s parents allegedly because they did not approve of the ethnicity of girl he…

What is David Bromstad's Ethnicity?

What Is David Bromstad’s Ethnicity?

David Reed Bromstad was born on August 17th 1973 in a town called Cokato in Minnesota.  He is best known for his programme Color Splash with David Bromstad and the Miami version of the show, both shown on HGTV. The question of David Bromstad’s ethnicity can be answered in the most simplest of breakdowns as: 50% Norwegian, 25% German and 25% Swedish.  In 2006 he…

Is Drake Jewish or Not?

Many people have asked:  Is Drake Jewish?  Well to answer this question we need to look at his parents and their ethnicity and also whether he practised Judaism or not.  Aubrey Drake Graham was born in Toronto on the 24th of October 1986.  His father is Dennis Graham, an African American from Memphis and his mother is Sandi Graham, who is a Jewish Canadian. It…

Vanessa Laine Ethnicity and History

Vanessa Laine Ethnicity and History

Vanessa Laine’s actual ethnicity seems to be a source of great debate on the internet. It is frequently reported that both of her parents were Mexican. It has also been reported that she is of Pilipino decent.  In reality, Vanessa Laine’s ethnicity is a mixture. Most reliable sources report she is half Mexican and half Irish – there are no credible reports of Pilipino heritage….

What Ethnicity Is Megan Henderson?

What Ethnicity Is Megan Henderson?

When it comes to good looking women on TV, some people will rarely think of a journalist but Megan Henderson has been able to really make her name as one of the more attractive women anchors on TV. She has worked with KTLA for quite some time now and was able to establish herself well enough to host the number one rated morning show “Good…

Kim Kardashian covers Haute Muse

Kim Kardashian Covers Haute Muse Magazine

Amidst the drama surrounding her pending divorce from husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian is still managing to stay on top of her game. The reality star is gracing the cover of Haute Muse magazine. In the accompanying interview, Kardashian talks about her recent trip to the Middle East and her style influences. “I love people that take risks and have that confidence…

What exactly is the Jessican Alba Ethnicity

What Exactly Is Jessica Alba Ethnicity?

As one of the sexiest woman alive, Jessica Alba is definitely known for her exotic look. Though Jessica Alba has millions of fans all over the world, it seems like a majority of then still have no idea what ethnicity she is. With an exotic look, some people might just have to call it the Jessica Alba Ethnicity. Though she looks a bit Latina and…

Kris Humphries Ethnicity

Kris Humphries Ethnicity

The man who married reality TV star Kim Kardashian is best known as a 6’9 power forward that currently plays for the New Jersey Nets. Though people outside of the NBA circle have never really heard of Kris, he has definitely made a name for himself on the hardwood as he was 14th overall pick in 2004 NBA draft. A lot of people have actually…

Solange Twitter Account

Solange Twitter Account

If you are looking for the official Solange Twitter account, then you should check out @solangeknowles. As Beyonce’s sister, she has definitely she has definitely made a name for herself. As a singer and actress, she has over 726,000 followers and continues to have more followers on a daily basis. She is also a pretty hyper Twitter addict as she has over 10,000 tweets already….


Webbie: Making It Big with Gangsta Musik

Webbie, born Webster Gradney Jr., is a rapper who made it big in the hip hop scene in the year 2005.  He originated from Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he was raised by his father and grandmother.  He started becoming interested in rhymes ever since he was 5 years old and kept going at it until he started getting influenced by hardcore rap artists like Geto…

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