tips to maintain great hair

12 Useful Tips To Maintain Great Hair (Part – 2)

Here we start from where we ended. This post is more focused on maintaining a proper balance that is necessary for good hair health. For example, vitamins are indispensable for good hair health; but you can never over use it as it will create a state of imbalance. Let us see what else is there. Take Enough Vitamins Even when you are following an impeccable…

12 Useful Tips To Maintain Great Hair (Part – 1)

If you are looking for perfect hair without spending a fortune behind all those pricey hair jobs, then make sure you follow some measures that would keep your hair in good shape. Some habitual changes in your daily life can bring a big change to the way your hair look. The great thing about them is you can follow those from the comfort of your…

10 Hottest Couples At The 58th Annual Grammy Awards

This year’s Grammy Awards has showed that our favorite singers are not less fashion conscious than big shot Hollywood stars. They can sing well and look well at the same time. Add also to the list celebrity couples who dazzled the red carpet with their glimmering presence. It was a busy night for photographers who could not have a moment of relief from clicking their…

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Rocks The BAFTA With A Passionate Kiss

The BAFTA Awards ceremony had its own share of Valentine’s Day participation. The event was marked by such a romantic incident that no one could have predicted. Host Stephen Fry was generous in his acknowledgment to America’s latest gift to the world – a Kiss Cam – which was given full sovereignty when selecting whom to focus on. The arena was packed with stars like…

Celebrity Videos / February 17, 2016
Harry Styles

The Women In Harry Styles’ Life

With his handsome look and glimmering personality, Harry Styles is definitely the ladies’ man. He is like a complete package comprised of everything that any woman can seek for. There have been many women in Mr Styles’ life — however, here we have focused on the most influential ones — ladies with whom he could be in a permanent relationship, but somehow it didn’t happen in…

prevent hair fall

5 Invaluable Tips To Prevent Hair Fall For Women

If you are losing your sleep worrying about unstoppable hair loss, then you should consider taking natural remedies. The great thing about natural products is that sometimes they work better than expensive treatments or regular products available in the market. Moreover, there is hardly any chance of any side effects, experienced when using products that are made of different chemicals that not always suit your…

Celebrity Birthday Pictures That Rock

Celebrity Birthday Pictures That Rock

Like us, celebrities, too, love to have some fun on their special day. Some of them cut the cake sent by their fans, and some make it a grand party. Check this post out to see famous celebrities enjoying themselves on their birthday.                                 Source: Google

Celebrity Birthdays / February 12, 2016
Celebrity Hairstyles

Top 10 Eye Dazzling Celebrity Hairstyles

Our favorite celebrities are all geared up to flaunt their brand new hairstyles for this spring. Look how versatile and confident they look with these dashing cuts. It is like that the new styles have added a new feather to their beauty. Let’s see who has got what….     Source: Harper’s Bazaar

celebrity fails

A Look Back At Famous Celebrity Fails

From Justin Bieber to Beyonce, there comes a moment in every celebrity’s life when things don’t go the way they planned. This is what we call celebrity fails. Here, we have compiled some celebrity ‘oops’ moments that became a matter a of laughter among fans. There is no wonder this video got more than 1 million views on YouTube.     Video Courtesy: YouTube  

Celebrity Videos / February 11, 2016

Looking Evergreen In Your 30s

For both men and women early 30s bring some changes that they might not have expected in the first place. You might feel unsatisfied with your new skin features. Your mood meter could be bumpy when you hear comments like “your smile is not as before.” It is said that 30s are that phase of our life when we reach the pick of our career…

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