Meet Die-hard Kesha Fans Protesting Outside Sony

After the Dr. Luke harassment story was exposed, Kesha fans did not take too long to come in support of their favorite singer. On February 26th, Kesha fans took position outside the Sony establishment in NY and demanded they free the pop diva. Overall, they were infuriated by Sony’s inability to take any visible action against the notorious Dr. Luke, who is accused of sexually…

adopted from movies

TV Series That Were Adopted From Movies

Sarah Michelle Gellar recently confirmed that ‘Cruel Intention’ is all set to be made as a TV show. In the movie she portrayed the character of schoolgirl Kathryn Merteuil. In the TV show, she will be playing the same role, but, now, as a married woman, who is finding her life in disarray. The funny thing is there are more TV shows that were movies…


Drake Surprises Fans With Unannounced Performance At London Club

On Friday night, Drake surprised his fans with a sudden appearance at Club Libertine in London. It is reported that he has been in London to attend the Brit Awards, along with pop icon Rihanna. Later he drove to join a gig at Village Underground. On February 26th, he paid a little visit to the Club Libertine for an unplanned night adventure. Drake rocked the…

Charli XCX


On February 23, Charli XCX disclosed that she is all set to get started with her own label. She also added that she is working on her new EP. After her worldwide hit Vroom Vroom, there is a positive vibe in her approach to work. The UK singer did not fall short of admitting that Vroom Vroom has given her the momentum. Charli XCX has…

Oscar Presenters

Oscar Presenters Who Surprised the Audience With Their ‘Nominee’ Look

The Oscars night is an unannounced competition for Hollywood starts to be present on the red carpet to impress the press and the world with their choice of dressing. Though, there is no fixed rules for how to dress up, it is said that stars are expected to wear dress as per as their role on the big night of the year. Usually, nominees are…

5 Fashion Deals

5 Fashion Deals To Keep An Eye On For This Season

No matter whether you believe in shopping with a change of seasons, or just only think about hitting the market when it is a blue moon – these 5 fashion deals will inspire you to go shopping. This offer compilation includes everything starting from multi-buy offers to those huge seasonal sales. Sit tight, you are just clicks away from unleashing the biggest offers! Have a…

Paris Fashion Week

The Best Pieces Of Paris Fashion Week | Too Sexy To Be True!

This video shot in the City of Light during the last day of Paris Fashion Week gathers the most praised fashion trends for the upcoming spring got over 80k likes on YouTube for its exclusive and spicy presentation of our beloved stars, credit goes to director Cass Bird. Jordan Bickham also lent a hand in bringing all those glittering stars like Taylor Hill, Miguel, Irina…

Fashion Videos / February 26, 2016
Daniel Craig

Is It Over For Daniel Craig As James Bond?

Although until a few days ago there was a little bit doubt about Daniel Craig’s appearance in the forthcoming movie of the famous Bond franchise, Bond 25, his future as Bond is now shady. During his Spectre tour, he continuously hinted to his desire to move on. Till Spectre, he starred in four Bond movies as Ian Fleming’s womanizer spy. The producers of the series,…

olivia palermo

The 7 Sides Of Olivia Palermo In 48 Hours

Olivia Palermo is a versatile personality with a broad fashion sense. Causal or formal, she always looks great. Even when she goes for random jogs at morning, she could not be found dressed haphazardly. So, it is obvious that she doesn’t compromise when it comes to dressing up. Anyone could guess that it might take her a good amount of time to get ready for…

Floral Dresses

Top 10 Floral Dresses To Make Your Spring Exciting

Spring is said to be the season of revival and colors. After a long, chilly stabbing of winter we get a little bit relief during this season. During spring we also see a wide variation of flowers growing almost everywhere we put our eyes. The whole picturesque scenario adds a new source of joy to our life. Would not it be great if you could…

Latest Styles / February 24, 2016

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