What is Going on with Diddy and Sienna Miller?

Looks like romance? Maybe, but I think it is just a little fling and fun. I don’t understand Diddy and Kim. Did they just want to have kids together because they did not seem to have a great relationship at all. I’ve never seen them two hugged up or all kissy face.

Beyonce is Comfy Classy on the Set of an Ad Campaign

I like this look on Beyonce. True waist pants and a classy camisole gives her a grown woman appeal. She has just enough gold shiny accents with the bracelets, necklace, and earrings. She is not over doing the shimmer for once. Love it. And to give it a laid back feel she is wearing a biker-like cropped leather jacket. Glam It Up, Beyonce!

Usher Did It

It is official Usher has jumped the broom with Tameka in his lawyer’s office. That is crazy. He knows he doesn’t want to do this because he had to make sure his pre-nup papers were signed sealed and delivered before he says I do. I’m not sure about you, but I think this a sad way to get married. Marriage should have a different recipe;…

Keira Knightley is Cute and Casual

This is how you do casual fashion. Keira really looks cute and comfy in this green tank dress. Green looks to be a great color for her complexion too. Glam It Up, Keira!

Beyonce’ s TRL Visit in Style

As most of the time Beyonce did her thang and dressed to impress on TRL. I like the shorts jumpsuit that she wore. Very stylish and diva like, but not too flashy like she normally do on the red carpet. Glam It Up, Beyonce!

Brandy’s New Look

Brandy did a new spread for Ultima, the hair company that she has an endorsement with, and she is sportin’ some new looks. I like this particular cut on her due to the fact that she is always wear some long weave or braids. A good switch for a change.

Another Wedding Date: Just Say No, Usher

Why is Usher going through this embarrassment when he knows he does not want to get married to Tameka Foster. Save yourself the money, time, and laughs Usher. People need to start getting married for the right reason, not just because it seems like the right thing to do. A baby does not keep two people together. Usher you might as well date someone else’s…

Diane Sawyer’s Interview: is Nicole Richie Pregnant?

Yes, Nicole has confirmed that she is pregnant with Joel Madden’s baby in an interview with Diane Sawyer that will appear on Good Morning America this Thursday and also on 20/20 on Friday. Finally she lets out the more than obvious secrete and says that she is about 4 months pregnant. And since she is with child she will be serving her term in jail…

Donatella Versace Wants to Spice it Up!

You all know the Spice Girls will be releasing a reunion album and they are in Donatella Versace’s closet of a wardrobe makeover. Donatella wants to create their look and has already submitted designs that will be worth up to $400,000. We know if Versace is the designer than sexy is the look. The famous rock star clothing fashion designer wants to give the ladies…

The Voice Is Back

  Don’t worry about trying to get tickets to see celine dion and catman cohen in las vegas. Or even having to Listen To Titanique Song By Celine Dion over and over again just to hear her gifted voice. The Canadian singer is releasing a new album. I am excited to hear that! I love her voice it is so angelic. And now maybe I…

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