Madonna’s 49th Birthday!

Today is Madonna’s B-Day! She looks good to be 49 years old. She looks healthy and is still doing her thang. Happy Birthday to Madonna!

Are Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Getting Married?

It seems to be that Joel is preparing to present Nicole with a little something: a ring. Now Is this a promise ring or the real thing. That we do not know, but he expose this little secret on ABC’s Live! with Regis and Kelly and said he was trying to make it a secrete after they drilled the info out of him. I think…

Halle Berry Has a New Man

I hope this relationship last for Halle because she has had it bad in that department. With David Justice and Eric Bennet in her past she really needs someone who will do her right before she goes syco.

What Happened D’Angelo?

Man, D’Angelo looks totally different from that buff, lean, muscled out man I remember form his video. “How Does It Feel”, D’Angelo, going from the most sexiest body to this? What happened?

Beyonce is Crossing Over Latino Style

Beyonce will be coming out with her Spanish album and I think she his going to fly of the charts. She is one smart and talented woman. She knows how to handle her business and keep the money rolling in.

The New Trend: Fall Booties!

Many designers are playing into the new trend this fall called the “Booty” shoe. Christian Louboutin “Emily” boots is for $925 or the Steve Madden version, “Chap”, you can get for $149.95. I am not sure if I like these shoes, but I know they have the style that many people will be jumping to get, especially the celebs. So get your before they do…

Ashley Olsen is Rockin Hot Alaia Heels

  This is a “I want that” item. Ashely is doing it with these heels by Azzedine Alaia. I would not have picked that outfit to go with it, but the shoes is killin’ em. I think her skirt should be shorter, just a little bit. I like the cummerbund and the jacket, its very tailored-like and it goes with the shoes. Glam It Up, Ashley!

Melanie Brown Got Her a Man, Not Eddie Murphy

Melanie, “Scary Spice”, was privately married to a producer, Stephen Belafonte in June. She says they have been friends for a long time and now they are in love. What bull! She got kicked to the curve by Eddie Murphy then announcing it all in the news for payback, and she is in love, I think not. Boy, celebrities’ lives are like soap operas, “The…

Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Covet”

Along with Sarah’s new fashion line “Bitten” she decides to add a new perfume, Covet, to her perfume collection. She must be consulting with some marketing gurus. She is making all the right moves while the “Sex In The City” movie is anticipated to release. Smart woman.

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