When ‘Friends’ Try to Reveal ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Two sets of stars in the showbiz universe collided recently, as the GEEKS from The Big Bang Theory met Joey, Rachel, Monica, and Ross at an event. The captured moment when the casts from both TV shows were sitting together is now trending online. _

The actors of the two series were attending an event to mark James Burrows special recognition by NBC for the director’s TV achievements.

The shot came as a delight for the fans of Friends who will be more than excited to see their favorite stars together after 12 long years – after the end of 10-season show, which was one of the biggest hits in the history of television.

The picture was shared by Kaley Cuoco on her social media accounts. And, she didn’t keep any barrier while expressing her amusement and surprise to find the Friends gang together. However, Matthew Perry, famously known as Chandler Bing, was missing; reportedly, he was busy in England with his upcoming play.

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The ‘Friends’ are back after a long break but they have replaced Chandler Bing with Sheldon Cooper, Penny, Leonard Hofstadter, and Howard Wolowitz!

‘FRIENDS #MEET BBT’ that is what Cuoco wrote in the caption section. The photo got more than 40,000 likes, showing fans were starving to find their favorite stars in the same frame.

The casts will be seen on TV in a Must See TV: A Tribute to James Burrows episode spanning about two hours on NBC. The special episode is set to be aired on 21 February. NBC brought together the casts of both TV shows to pay its tribute to the veteran director who had directed many episodes of ‘Friends’ and been involved with other famous TV shows such as Frasier and Two & A Half Men.

Although Matthew Perry was busy in London with his upcoming play: The End of Longing, he indicated that he will be there with others in future remake of ‘Friends’ episodes. Fans will find some consolation from this for sure.20FDEC8700000578 3415673 A tribute to the director It comes hot on the heels of the news  a 28 1453734754636 300x300 When ‘Friends’ Try to Reveal ‘The Big Bang Theory’

In an interview with the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Perry told that he is hopeful that other Friends casts would take the opportunity to relive the ‘Friends experience’ once again. According to Perry, who is now 46, it could be a few episodes, or a movie, but he is not sure yet.

However, Marta Kaufman, Friends co-creator, gave a contradictory opinion in 2015. At that time she confirmed that the show is done for good and there is no chance of a remake in the future.




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