What to Do after Removing Your Weave

11 remove1 What to Do after Removing Your Weave

Whether you decided to remove your weave yourself, or had a friend, or stylist remove it for you, there are some things that you must do right after your hair is weave-free. It can be tempting to want to put a new weave in right away, but if you want to keep your hairline and hair length intact, you should do these five things.

Detangle Your Hair

Don’t go gangbusters on your hair with a comb right away, the best way to detangle your hair, is by using your fingers first. Gently remove the knots and tangles, and use a wide-tooth comb only for knots that are too difficult to remove with your fingers. You don’t have to remove every knot, a good shampoo and conditioning session will remove the leftover tangles.

Remember, you shed 50-100 strands of hair naturally every day, so don’t be alarmed if you have a handful of hair in your palm. Since your hair has been stuck in a weave for several weeks, the shed hair has not been removed by combing or brushing as it normally would.

Condition and Detangle

After you have shampooed your hair with a conditioning shampoo, you should now fully load your hair up with a moisturizing conditioner. You can use a wide-tooth comb to gently work your way through your hair. The conditioner will make your hair much easier to detangle. You should be starting to comb through the bottom of your hair first, and then slowly working your way up to your scalp. Keep combing slowly, and patiently until all of the tangles have been removed.

Once all of your tangles have been removed, you should rinse your hair thoroughly.

Deep Condition 

To restore your hair to its optimal moisture level, you should deep condition your hair using a deep conditioner that is formulated for dry hair.

You can use a natural deep conditioner, by lathering your hair with mayonnaise or olive oil and wrapping your hair in place with bobby pins. Put a shower cap over your wrapped hair to lock in the moisture. Leave it on for thirty minutes. Once the thirty minutes is up, thoroughly rinse your hair of the deep conditioner. Your hair should feel soft and moist.

Trim Your Dry Ends

Your ends should be relatively intact, considering your hair has been tucked away in a weave. However, there may be some ends that are dry due to lack of moisture. So, the best way to prevent breakage and splitting of the ends, is to do a trim.

Rest Your Scalp

After the stress that your scalp endured from the weight of the extensions and the sewing, you owe it to your scalp to let it relax and breathe. Don’t immediately retouch new growth or put in new weave, find a style that is free from chemicals and weaves.

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