What Is David Bromstad’s Ethnicity?

david bromstad1 What Is David Bromstads Ethnicity?David Reed Bromstad was born on August 17th 1973 in a town called Cokato in Minnesota.  He is best known for his programme Color Splash with David Bromstad and the Miami version of the show, both shown on HGTV.

The question of David Bromstad’s ethnicity can be answered in the most simplest of breakdowns as: 50% Norwegian, 25% German and 25% Swedish.  In 2006 he won the first ever HGTV Design Star competition and that was the major building block to his successful career nowadays.

Interestingly, he hadn’t always wanted to be an Interior Designer.  Rather, he had since an early age wanted to be a Disney animator.  He realised his dream when he attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida and graduated and began working for Disney.

It was only when he was laid off that he started looking at work within interior design.  Then a friend told him to try for the reality show HGTV: Design Star and the rest is history.

david bromstad2 What Is David Bromstads Ethnicity?

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