What Is Cheryl Burke Ethnicity?

Cheryl Burke1 What Is Cheryl Burke Ethnicity?

As one of the most famous dancers today, Cheryl Burke was best known for her stint in Dancing With The Stars as she was the two-time champion on the ABC show. Burke grew up in Atherton, California and certainly was one of those people that grew up already knowing what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She grew up dancing and started ballet classes at the age of four. She was trained in numerous forms of dancing and she was certainly one of the more famous students in her school but it seems like most people did not know what ethnicity she was.

What is Cheryl Burke ethnicity?

She was actually lucky enough to have a very good mix as she is half Filipina and part Russian and Irish. This mix certainly created one of the most beautiful dancers that Dancing With The Stars has ever had.

Cheryl Burke2 What Is Cheryl Burke Ethnicity?What is Cheryl Burke Ethnicity?

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