What Ethnicity Is Megan Henderson?

Megan Henderson1 What Ethnicity Is Megan Henderson?When it comes to good looking women on TV, some people will rarely think of a journalist but Megan Henderson has been able to really make her name as one of the more attractive women anchors on TV. She has worked with KTLA for quite some time now and was able to establish herself well enough to host the number one rated morning show “Good Day” in Dallas and also in Utah. She has also been able to guest host in various other shows and certainly has been on TV for quite some time now. The question that a majority of people would ask is about her ethnicity and where she grew up.

What ethnicity is Megan Henderson?

Megan Henderson grew up in Southern California and graduated from Arizona State University. She is actually just Caucasian and her ancestral roots are still unknown though she has been rumored to have some Hispanic ancestors.

Megan Henderson2 What Ethnicity Is Megan Henderson?What Ethnicity Is Megan Henderson?

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