What Are Lace Front Eyebrows All About?

Have you ever heard of lace front eyebrows?! Well if you haven’t, get ready! It’s the latest fashion craze that is sweeping the country. Just like lace front wigs, they are helpful to those of us with short or non-existent eyebrow hairs. This beauty trend is HOT right now and everybody is talking about it. Check out this video that shows you what it’s all about:

Lace Front Eyebrows – Hot or Not?

Basically, these are false eyebrow hairs and they’re hand tied onto french or swiss lace. You have to use a glue adhesive to apply it to your brows. When used correctly, they’re pretty cute, right?! What do you think?

lace front eyebrows What Are Lace Front Eyebrows All About?

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