Was Wendy Williams a Man?

Is Wendy Willams a man?  Some of these photos make you wonder.wendy williams man 3 Was Wendy Williams a Man?

Wendy Williams, that poor girl, has already had a difficult rise to the top.  What better way to mock her achievements than by publicly asking if “Wendy Williams’ a man, baby.”  Read that in your best Austin Powers accent.  Well, some of these photos do make you wonder.

I mean, is that a five-o’clock shadow or what? If Wendy Williams is a man, she should have an Adam’s apple, right?  For the record, I do love Wendy Williams, and I’m a big fan of the Wendy Williams show, but sometimes ya gotta wonder.

Was Wendy Williams Born a Man?

Much like Lady Gaga and Jamie Lee Curtis, all this androgynous talk tends to follow unusual looking celebrities.  The problem is, no one can prove anything as these celebrities are highly unlikely to drop their skirts and panties and reveal the “truth” of what they are.  Of course, they have all had sex before and have been linked to various male celebrities and friends, but you know…the whole “contract of silence” thing may be a factor.

The real issue is not that Wendy Williams is a man, but was she born one? The most obvious evidence is her visage, which does sort of have a manly appearance, unlike say, the average Tyra Banks face.  A lot of people pointed to the fact that RuPaul had a talk show, much like Wendy Williams has her own, suggesting maybe she’s a drag queen too—or at least, was born male before presumably becoming female. Another reason they say Wendy Williams is man-hands, is because of her height, mannerisms and of course her very drag queen-ish wigs.

Wendy Williams – A Man No More

wendy williams man 2 Was Wendy Williams a Man?On record, it is stated that Williams is a woman. Her husband, Kevin Hunter certainly doesn’t dispute it, and he has been married to her since 1999. They even have a son named Kevin Jr. Before Kevin Jr., Williams had several miscarriages, which she has spoken openly about. Although anything is possible, it does seem highly unlikely that Williams pays hush money to doctors, family, friends, and witnesses who have seen contrary evidence. And in case you don’t know, it’s a real pain to push a baby out of one’s penis.

Unfortunately for Wendy, much of Hollywood is overly critical of her appearance. Chris Brown picked on her, by saying she might be a man on Twitter. As if Chris Brown is the one to do any judging…sigh.



Wendy Williams Man?


Williams has actually addressed the Brown-fueled rumors directly, saying on her talk show, “If I was a man, I would spend time bullying other men, perhaps, and not other women.”

So unless you really want to go full conspiracy nut and refute her birth evidence, it’s probably best to conclude that Wendy is a woman. Wendy earned fame by becoming a radio shock jockette, including her famous verbal sparring with other celebrities. There is currently a movie in development about Williams, and it will be called “Queen of All Media.”

Howard Stern must be proud.

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