Was Chopping His Hair a Good Idea?!

Mr. Long Hair Don’t Care BKA Lloyd Polite surprised everyone (well, everyone who cares) today via Twitter with a picture of him WITHOUT his  trademark long hair. After growing his hair for 10 years, he stated that he needed a change… Hmmm, I guess he didn’t know all change isn’t good change. He looks 10 times worst now… Well, see for yourself!

Lloyd Hair Cut Braids Was Chopping His Hair a Good Idea?!

Lloyd has always been an avid supporter of non-profit charity work, especially when his efforts go toward benefiting children in need. Non-profit organization Locks of Love will use Lloyd’s donated hair to provide a hair piece for a financially disadvantaged child (under age 21) suffering from long-term medical hair loss. The organization was happy to work with Lloyd, and both parties hope that their partnership will inspire others to donate.

At least, it was for a good cause. I guess I’m giving you a pass; however, start growing that hair back out ASAP!

Now, onto more celebrities who have chopped their hair. We know that for Lloyd, it was a BAD move but, Omarion could’ve taken it either way. It’s good since braids are not really in style anymore and because, he’s a grown man now but, again, he could’ve gone either way.  What do you think?

Omarion Hair Cut Hair Down Braids Was Chopping His Hair a Good Idea?!

Now, Trey Songz- You def did the RIGHT thing. His braids were a mess and they just wouldn’t grow. Lol. Good Job babe!

I could’ve keep going with male celebrites who cut their braids (ie Carmelo Anthony, Bow Wow, Ludacris, R. Kelly, Mario etc but, I kept it short and sweet with a Hair DON’T, a Hair IT DOESN’T MATTER and a Hair DO)!

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