Was Chopping Her Hair a Good Idea?!

There’s no story behind this. I just want to know which style YOU think fits each celebrity best.

Vannessa Simmons Hair Cut VS Short Hair Was Chopping Her Hair a Good Idea?!Vanessa Simmons- I love the short hair on her!

Tichina Arnold Hair cut VS Long Hair Was Chopping Her Hair a Good Idea?!Tichina Arnold- I’m not feeling either style.

Rihanna- Of course the short hairstyle fits her best.

Nia Long- I like her short style better.

Michelle Williams- The short style is the best I’ve ever seen her.

Meagan Goode- Both styles look good on her.

Halle Berry- The pixie cut is dope… She looks great!

Ciara- Should she even be in this category? Hmmm. IDK but, I love her with long hair!

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