Usher’s Life Story

usher Ushers Life Story

This is Usher’s Life Story in a nut shell. He spills the beans in this interview with Entertainment Weekly talking about his former life, his wife Tameka, and his mom. It seems that he felt at one point in his life that he was a whore as he states:

”I was going out night to night, having a different woman in my bed every time I chose, and I began to wonder: Am I really being a playa or am I a whore?”

Yeah he have it right. Because that what a woman would be if she did the same thing. I guess when it came down to that he decided to get marrried which he says,

“I was just looking for good times. In the club. Not living right. This woman. That woman. Uncertain. Unsure…. But there does come a time when you start thinking, Who’s gonna love me and take care of me when I’m down? Who’s gonna care about making sure that I’m okay? I need a companion. Damn.”

I think I believe he really is ready to settle down. Maybe he realized the dangers of growing up in the music industry and doesn’t want to continue down that path. At least thats what I got out it when Usher stated:

”I was exposed to the lifestyle of a young, fly A&R who was the man in New York. He took me to clubs. I was around women. It was like swagger camp. I said, So this is what I do when I finally make it…. But you have to be very careful about what you allow your kids to be around or see. I’m a product of the environment.”

A child can mature a man.

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