Usher Joins the Cast of Chicago on Broadway

usher1 Usher Joins the Cast of Chicago on Broadway

It looks like Usher is getting tired of getting kicked in the face (sorry, I just can’t let this one go). According to, The R&B singer is taking his career in an unexpected direction by joining the cast of the Broadway musical, Chicago. Known for his bluesy runs and upbeat choreography, Usher should have no problems with Broadway dance numbers. In fact. they have even thrown some new moves into the infamous “Razzle Dazzle” number to help suit Usher’s style a bit better.

Usher has hinted in past interviews that he would like to stop touring after he hits 40. At 32-years-old, 6 albums behind him and a mega superstar signed to his name (Justin Bieber), Usher might just be getting tired of his days on the road (but who wouldn’t? Usher gets kicked in the face when calling an audience member the join him on stage; it might be time…) and is on his way to setting up a new stage in his career.

So it looks like Usher is taking a break from getting kicked in the face and is heading to the theater for a while (those audiences are a bit more tame than what Usher is used to). I, for one, can’t wait to see how Usher does on Broadway; I hope he is brushing up on his acting chops!

Would you want to see Usher on Broadway?

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