Top Three Beach-Ready Hairstyles

naomi campbell beach 300x171 Top Three Beach Ready HairstylesWith summer underway, pool parties and trips to the beach overtake your weekend activities.

Have you ever looked in the mirror after a day at the beach, and realized you were walking around with your hair sticking up in the air? While we want to have fun and all, it’s important that we stay looking good doing it.

You don’t have to be afraid to jump into the water for fear of having your hair looking jacked up. Here are the top three sexy, protective styles that work well in and out of the water:

#1: The High Bun

Pull your hair into a tight ultra-high pony. Put it as high as you can so that all of your hair catches in the pony. Keep your hair in place by applying styling cream or gel to the front, back and sides of your hair. If not all of your hair catches in the pony, nobody has to know – be sure to fasten the loose ends with bobby pins.

If the hair in your pony isn’t long enough to wrap around into a decent-sized bun, then get a handful of weave to tie around your ponytail to give the impression of a full bun (natural-looking weaves look best for this style). You can do this by using a hair tie to tie one end of your weave onto your pony, and then wrap the weave into a spiral and fasten the ends with bobby pins.

This elegant style will hold itself in place even after you splash around in the water. It looks best with classy cut-out bathing suits, retro full suits, and sexy bikinis.

#2: The Samurai Braid

To achieve this style, you need to first start by pulling your hair to the side. Do not tie, but instead braid your hair tightly. Tie the end of your braid with a hair tie that is a similar colour to your hair.

Fasten any loose ends with bobby pin, and apply hair gel or cream to your hair to prevent fly-aways.

You can dress up this style by fastening a flower at the top of your braid.

The best part of this style is that once your hair gets wet and dries itself in the heat, it will have a crimped look when you unbraid your hair. The wavy, crimped look is perfect to take you into an evening out on the town.

#3: The Faux-Hawk Low Pony

Take the hair in the middle of your hairline and brush it forward so that it hangs on your face. Pull the rest of your hair into a tight, low ponytail.

Apply cream or styling gel onto your hair to make it look slick. Bring the hair back that is hanging forward, and make a bump, so that it looks like a faux-hawk.

When you’re comfortable with the size of your bump, fasten it with several bobby pins.  Using hairspray on your bump will make it stay in place.

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