Tips to Protect Your Hairline

6 Ways to Prevent Your Hairline from Breaking Off 300x232 Tips to Protect Your Hairline

Naomi Campbell was a victim to paparazzi who snapped the infamous side shot of her thinning hairline. African-American women are more prone to hairline breakage because of chemical overuse and hairstyles that cause stress to the hairline. After years of wigs and braids, your hairline will be at risk. Even if you don’t wear wigs and braids, your hairline can break due to improper care or hereditary factors.

Here are six tips to keep your hairline lush and full.

Wrap Your Hair in Silk or Satin

If you have cotton scarves or pillowcases, throw them away now. Cotton dehydrates your hair and pulls it out. In order to keep your hairline intact, wrap your hair with a silk scarf and also sleep with a silk or satin scarf. As a bonus, silk and satin pillowcases prevents wrinkles and skin dehydration.

Condition Your Scalp

Every few days you should take the time to moisturize the scalp on your hairline. Massage natural oils or herbs to your hairline, this will keep your hair moist and prevent breakage.

Use Herbs and Oils to Promote Growth

Even if your hairline is not thinning, you should consistently apply natural herbs and oils to your hairline to promote growth. Some herbs and oils that promote growth include: rosemary, lavender, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and burdock root oil.

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

It can be tempting to go to town on tangles and matte hair with a comb or brush. Keep combing and brushing of your hairline to the bare minimum. You should be gently untangling your fragile hairline with your fingers. Put a few drops of a natural oil or herb on your finger when detangling to smooth the process and moisturize your hair.

Eat Well

Topical treatments are not the only method that you should be using to promote hair growth. You should be eating a diet rich in vitamins to maintain your length. Some of the foods that you must eat, include: almonds, salmon, walnuts, etc. You can also take a supplement like prenatal vitamins to boost hair growth.

Do Not Use Glue

Hair glue is a detriment to your hairline if it’s not applied correctly. A sewn-in weave, with the hairline left untouched, is ideal to maintain your hairline. When your weave is in, you should still be moisturizing your hairline weekly, and keep heat styling of your hairline to a minimum.

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