Thinning Edges and Damaged Hair

I’m sure there are a million and one celebrities out there with damaged hair for numerous reasons. Thinning hair can range from a lot of things but, I personally think the first three ladies have issues because, they don’t allow their hair to breath. Its always a weave thrown in it which can’t be good for your hair unless it’s braided under there. Janet Jackson on the hand is someone I can’t speak for. Who knows?

So R & B singer Ciara, has thin edges.

ciara hairline Thinning Edges and Damaged Hair

R & B singer Mya, appears to have no hairline.

mya hairline Thinning Edges and Damaged Hair

Super Model Naomi Campbell … I don’t know where to start. OMG!


Janet Jackson appears to be in the same boat as Ciara.

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