The X-Files Reference Guide – Can You Remember Some?

The renewed ‘The X-Files’ is all ready to once again make your television set rock. Those spooky scenes, last seen almost 13 years ago, are once again in their course to make us believe the unknown or unspoken.

As before, The X-Files is coming with a lot of monsters and conspiracy theories; as well as that it is filled with Easter Eggs, credit goes to ‘spooky’ Mulder (David Duchovny).

Mulder already raised the curtain with an epic monologue that also hinted to Easter Eggs that you must watch out for in the show.

However, to make the task easier for you and save you from the monotony of going through Mulder’s epic speech, we have come up with the summary and Easter eggs that you might have missed otherwise.

The first scene shows photos are being laid one after another by a hand; and with this there continues the explanation of the history of The X-Files.

All the photos resemble episodes spreading over the whole series. Let’s give it a try to see if we can remember some of those classic The X-Files moments.

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We are getting started with the Scully and Mulder standalone episode “Drive”. This one is from season 6 of the show. A stranger, armed with a deadly pathogen, gets into Mulder’s car and orders him to keep driving.

The Host

Among all the The X-Files monsters, Flukeman was quite famous. No wonder if he manages to turn to be the monster of the week again. The horrendous creature belongs to season 2. 


The next in line are the mutant Peacock brothers. Truth seeker Mulder and rational Scully found themselves in the middle of a family born of incest. The agents struggle with murderous and barbaric brothers is an episode from season 4.

For graphical extremity of this episode the show, for the first time, was aired with a viewer attention warning sign.

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Eugene Tooms, the infamous liver-eater, is like a stain in the memory line of The X-Files fans. For his weird taste for human livers he can be given the most creepiest monster award.


The X-Files monsters have a great appetite for human organs. Rob Roberts from season 7 used to feed on human brains. Still we hear many people saying they are having second thought before biting their hamburger, owing to the episode.

This episode was quite different in its approach as it instead of viewing it all from the agents’ side, for the first time, revealed the untold story from a monster’s point of view.







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