On February 23, Charli XCX disclosed that she is all set to get started with her own label. She also added that she is working on her new EP. After her worldwide hit Vroom Vroom, there is a positive vibe in her approach to work. The UK singer did not fall short of admitting that Vroom Vroom has given her the momentum.

Charli XCX has now ganged up with Sophie, famous for her production work with Madonna in her hit single “Bitch I’m Madonna”. She is now rediscovering herself with a transformation from her original stadium pop to something more exotic. In the Vroom Vroom EP, there will not be any fundamental changes as long as Charli’s accent, voice and attitude are concerned. But she will be experimenting with production and songwriting – that’s for sure.



Turning something good into better is nothing new for Charli, who previously worked with Iggy Azalea to create her hit track “Fancy”. However, she never experimented with hip-hop in her own music. Charli raps instantaneously while she sings the famous Vroom Vroom. On her EP’s title track she boasts that ‘Bitches Know They Can’t Catch Me’ – in between those marvelous synthetic engine revs by Sophie, and then, without wasting any time, she gets back to her original job – singing.

The first two albums by Charli have every element for her to be weird, with some negative space left by the 4 Vroom Vroom pieces. It does not end here – she takes it a step forward with her chipmunk voice piece at the beginning of “Paradise”. And in ‘Trophy’, she breaks it up by repeating the famous ‘Pulp Fiction’ sample, omitting any dubstep drop, that has so far been common. The definition of pop music has got a new form in her hand, with an expected rise in tone and then all of a sudden changing the course, wholly.


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