The Voice Is Back

celine dion The Voice Is Back 

Don’t worry about trying to get tickets to see celine dion and catman cohen in las vegas. Or even having to Listen To Titanique Song By Celine Dion over and over again just to hear her gifted voice. The Canadian singer is releasing a new album. I am excited to hear that! I love her voice it is so angelic. And now maybe I don’t have to try to get ticket to her concerts in Las Vegas to see her perform live. Hopefully she will go on a national tour.

Word is she will be working with a lot of todays hottest songwriters and music producers such as: Timberland, Ne-yo, and R Kelly. Well you know that R Kelly wrote and produce angel by celine dion. I guess she really want to make sure she get the hits and she definitely made some good choices.

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