Halle Berry Hairstyles!

gl1 300x177 Halle Berry Hairstyles!

Although, Halle Berry is mainly known for her choppy short pixie style hairdo which I personally, think is the best style ever- She has also rocked so much versatility throughtout her many years of acting when it comes to her hair.

She is one of the few women who can make any hairstyle look amazing… 

Well, almost any style.

 I love her short style because, it’s not only hot, it brings out all her beautiful facial features. It makes her look so youthful until her longer styles.

Its seems like she only wears “grandma-ish” updo’s and long curly hairstyles. Those kind of styles make her look much older.

Lets take a look at the fabulous hairstylista different styles.

Lets start with our (or mine) favorite:


short2 198x300 Halle Berry Hairstyles!




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