The 7 Sides Of Olivia Palermo In 48 Hours

Olivia Palermo is a versatile personality with a broad fashion sense. Causal or formal, she always looks great. Even when she goes for random jogs at morning, she could not be found dressed haphazardly. So, it is obvious that she doesn’t compromise when it comes to dressing up. Anyone could guess that it might take her a good amount of time to get ready for the daily dwellings. However, she has proven that it should not take you so long when you know what is to wear. Recently, she was caught in 7 different getups within 48 hours!

It would be a matter of great surprise if it were anyone else except Palermo, who is a model turned designer. She did this incredible thing during London Fashion Week’s 7 key shows. The interesting thing is, each of her dresses bore the sign of her unique taste for fashion.

In total, she attended 7 out of 8 shows with completely different clothing. Only in one event, she did not change it! However, it could not be known what was her reason for not to be wearing a different set for that one. Palermo is one of those celebrities who spread her hands in different fields and gained success. Our best guess is: she might have taught that even too many changes could be tiresome.

Palermo was fully able to catch the attention of the British media. British dailies did not show any kind of frugality in writing about her ability to be ‘the celebrity in the arena’ within a short notice. For those who frequently complain that it is not possible to show their fashion sense because of their busy life, it could be a great example. It is not like that Palermo flew to London with her whole closet; but like any smart woman, she had it all organized from before.

Let’s have a look at Palermo’s style diary during the London Fashion Week.


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Photo Source: Glamour Magazine UK

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