How to Achieve Semi-Natural Hair

Wash and Wear 296x300 How to Achieve Semi Natural Hair

Lately, it seems like everyone and their mother has gone au naturel. Black women are embracing the hair that grows out of their head in its natural state. However, natural hair is not for everyone. If you find yourself somewhere in between wanting to go natural but you just can’t give up your relaxer, then the Wash & Wear treatment may be just what you’re looking for.

What is a Wash & Wear Relaxer?
The Wash & Wear relaxer is an alternative to going completely natural. It’s a system that only relaxes your hair to about 25%-50% straight, as opposed to traditional relaxers that relax your hair 100% straight (bone straight). Wash & Wear works with the natural texture of your hair to loosen your curls and kinks to a level that you are comfortable with. It should be applied on new growth every 6-8 weeks.

What are the Benefits of Using a Wash & Wear Relaxer?
If you find that your hair is too hard to manage in its natural state, a Wash & Wear relaxer is a healthier alternative to a traditional relaxer. It is still a chemical process, but it only partially denatures the protein of your hair, unlike a regular relaxer which completely denatures your hair. Because the hair is not completely denatured, it will be less prone to breakage. Also, there will be less variance in texture between your new growth and processed hair, so the breakage that normally occurs between new growth and processed hair will be minimized.

Do I Have to Chop My Hair Off?
You do not need to start from scrath to go semi natural. If you currently have relaxed hair, you will experience a transition period where your ends will be straight and your roots will be semi natural. It takes time and patience to get through the transition. You may experience breakage of your relaxed ends during the transition. To maintain your length, wear protective styles as much as you can.

What Will My Hair Look Like?
For those with an ‘S’ type of hair pattern, your hair will look wavy. If you have tight ringlets, your ringlets will loosen and drop. The texture adds volume to your mane but your hair length will be shorter than when it is bone straight. You will have versatility when styling your hair, because you will be able to wear it straight, through heat styling and/or blow drying, and you can also wear it just as it is after a shampoo (hence the name – Wash & Wear).

Would you try the Wash & Wear method?

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