Rihanna’s Hairstyles

rihanna hairstyle 1 Rihannas Hairstyles

rihanna hairstyle 3 Rihannas Hairstyles

Rihanna's Hairstyles 3

Hairstylist Ursula Stephen is responsible for Rihanna’s Hairstyles that has been the leading hairstyles for today’s trendy woman. Rihanna’s haircuts are edgy and sassy, yet chic at times and elegant. Ursula knows what she is doing with hair, and that’s why platinum recording artist Keyshia Cole, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, and America’s Next Top Model Winner – Saleisha Stowers are amongst her celebrity clientele. I believe Rihanna found her successful image when she changed and cut her hair. These are great looks that inspires many woman.

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