Rihanna Tattoo – Rebel Flower?

Rihanna Tattoo Rebelle Fleur 1 300x211 Rihanna Tattoo   Rebel Flower?

Rihanna tattoos are always a source of fun. This time, though, she seems to have made a mistake. Does “Rebelle Fleur” mean rebellious flower? If so, the proper French would have been “fleur rebelle”. Is this Rihanna tattoo a play on “beautiful flower”, which is in fact “la belle fleur”?

Rihanna Tattoo Rebelle Fleur 2 253x300 Rihanna Tattoo   Rebel Flower?

To some extent, how you interpret this latest Rihanna tattoo just depends on how you view Rihanna yourself: as a silly pop star, quick to make mistakes that last a lifetime, or as a clever avant-garde celebrity, playing with words as well as she plays with the press.

Either way, Rihanna remains a beauty and an inspiration to fans everywhere – tattoos or not!

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