Rihanna and Her Flaming Red Hair

Many people have hated Rihanna’s red mane from day one… I on the other hand love it. Well, I did in the beginning. It seems like the longer it gets the worst it looks… What do you think?!

RihannasRedHair11 201x300 Rihanna and Her Flaming Red Hair

Rihanna debuted the red style wayyyy BEFORE this performance; however, for some reason this is when everyone started talking about it therefore, I’ll mark this as the beginning!

Rihanna Red Hairstyle3 182x300 Rihanna and Her Flaming Red Hair

I loved this look on her… from head to toe actually. Simple and pretty. Her hair is awesome and the lashes and lip colour really set it off.

A little longer than normal but, still really cute.

This is where it starts getting bad for me. The style is kinda granny-ish.

She looks like a wet puppy here… Too long and raggedy looking.

This is just all bad. The weave looks older than her. Complete FAIL! Then take a look at the roots below… WHAT?!


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