Real House Wives of Atlanta Season 3 Hairstyles

real housewives of atlanta new cast members 422x325 Real House Wives of Atlanta Season 3 Hairstyles

 I don’t understand why everyone is making such a huge deal over the RHOA Season 3. What’s so special about them this season? Everyone is talking about their hair; yet, I don’t see the hype.

rhoa season3 Real House Wives of Atlanta Season 3 Hairstyles

Kandi Burrus is rocking a new style and I don’t particularly like it. The horizontal part in the middle just doesn’t do it for me. It’s way too long in the back and the sideburns are about to touch her chin. Not cute at all; however, I do like the “red” top. It totally fits her.

I can honestly say Nene Leakes is rocking the best 27 piece I’ve ever seen; however, it’s the same exact style she was wearing last season. What’s the big deal?! At any rate, she looks cute.

Sheree Whitefield finally has a good weave. FINALLY and even that isn’t consistent. Some episodes her hair looks great while others its look a hot mess. I don’t get it.

Kim Zolciak is still rocking those terrible wigs. Ugh… I don’t have anything to say about it. We all know there is no hope for her.

Phaedra Parks has really nice hair. I don’t know if it’s all hers or not but, it looks healthy and strong. I love the layers and the feathers.

Cynthia Bailey confuses the hell out of me. One day she has a gelled down mess, the next she has blown out even hair and the next she has a full weave. Each look is a mess.

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