Rapper Drake in High School – A Photo You Have to See to Believe

drake 17 Rapper Drake in High School   A Photo You Have to See to Believe

Yes, the picture of rapper Drake in high school when he was 17 has leaked. Depending on what you like, he either looks like a younger version of himself, maybe a little more college-boy than you’re used to seeing, or a total dork with an afro. We’re betting on the second one. The cool rap artist that we now see on MTV, BET and VH1 did not always look the part and was not the lady-killer type in high school. Of course, you would never know this from his current girlfriend,  because she is really hot. The truth is Drake the rapper was a star, even in his teenage years, as his life changed slowly but surely, after landing a role on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Hey, guys you see on television are always dateable, even if their high school haircut isn’t boss.

Drake Bio: From Jimmy to Grammy

Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper who first found stardom in acting, later rising to glory as a rapper. His performance as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation earned him attention at 15. He released several mixtapes including “Room for Improvement” and then peaked with singles like “Best I Ever Had” and “Find Your Love.” Along the way to success he found time to mix it up with Pusha T, Common, Chris Brown and others, because you just don’t become a successful rapper without starting some feuds. Drake has sold over 5 million albums worldwide, and won Grammys and BET awards galore, so all we can do at this point is laugh at the millionaire’s old high school hair.

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