Picture of Tiger Woods Biceps

picture tiger woods biceps 499x281 Picture of Tiger Woods Biceps

Tiger Woods is the best golfer in the sport and I believe it has much to do with his biceps which stems from his workouts in the gym. Tiger will be the greatest to have ever played the game and it’s because he is really the first to bring athletic and muscle workout routines to the game. Jack Nicholas and others have never been in the gym benching 300 pounds to be the best at this sport. They all figured that they just have to know how to swing a golf club and read the greens. Tiger Woods which is the Zodiac Horoscope Sign of Capricorn thinks entirely different and it’s the main reason he can drive a golf ball over 400 yards consistently. I can’t wait until he sets the NEW golfing record for wins it will be a great day in this lazy sport.

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