Picture of Rihanna in Her Sexy Pose

71364331 rihanna 1 Picture of Rihanna in Her Sexy Pose

Lately Rihanna has really been pulling off the “good girl gone bad” act. I hope she doesn’t take it too far like Britney did. It’s OK to act until acting becomes reality. Why does everyone have to act bad in order to be cool? Why is it lame to be a good person? I like Rihanna’s new style with the short edgy cut and the sexy sassy image, but I hope she doesn’t let the image take over.

Ladies, always step out looking your best and do it by dressing with all your t’s crossed and your i’s dot. Do it because it makes you feel good, but don’t think for once that you have to become an image. Be an image, “your” image, no one else, good and purely you, Just be.

I hope the “good girl gone bad” finds her inner good person again.

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