Oprah Sports Natural Hairstyle on Cover of ‘O’ Magazine

oprah natural hair 300 Oprah Sports Natural Hairstyle on Cover of O Magazine

Oprah Winfrey let her hair fly free on the latest over of O magazine. This is the first time the media mogul appeared on the magazine with her natural hair, without straightening or blow-drying it. She says she often wears her hair in its natural state on weekends and vacations.

Winfrey says at one point she wanted to chop off her locks but was convinced the look wasn’t for her. 

“I wanted to wear it close-cropped a la Camille Cosby but her husband Bill convinced me otherwise. ‘Don’t do it,’ he said. ‘You’ve got the wrong head shape and you’ll disappoint yourself.’ I took his advice,” she says.

What do you think of Oprah’s natural look?


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