Nick Carter Apologizes Following Arrest At Bar

Recently, Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter was arrested in Florida for allegedly being involved in a bar brawl. According to a police report, he was trying to choke a bouncer to death at a bar in Key West, Florida.

A source told that he lost it all when he was refused service. The pop start, accompanied by a friend, reached the spot around at 7 pm. The staff asked them to leave as they were drunk, added the source.

According to the people present at the spot, the singer’s friend tried to ‘head-butt’ the manager after being refused a drink. Later, police arrived at the scene and arrested Carter and his friend Michael Papayans for alleged battery. Carter was listened to have told the police that the staffs behaved like Navy seals.      

However, the duo was restrained from committing further violence before the police came and arrested them. Papayans’ face, hands and knees were bleeding at the time of the arrest.

Later they were brought to the sheriff’s department and booked for battery. Maybe to avoid hassles, Carter avoided providing his occupation, which was listed as ‘none’.

Nick Carter and his wife Lauren Kit are expecting a baby boy; the couple got married back in 2014.

Video Courtesy: TMZ

The 35 year old singer was one of the most popular participants in last year’s Dancing With The Stars competition, where he came ahead of everyone except Bindi Irwin, completing the TV show as runner up. ‘Bindi deserved it, she kicked butt,’ was his reply when asked about his feelings after the competition. He also described the all-star competition as an opportunity to bonding with others.

Getting in trouble is not something new for Carter. He was busted by the police in 2002 for refusing to leave a nightclub in Tampa following orders. Like now, he also got involved in a brawl. According to the record, carter was asked to leave the club for at least 10 times, before being finally arrested for disobeying direct orders from the police.

The police charged Carter for opposing and resisting law enforcement personnel while in duty. He was released only after giving his recognizance.

As per as the police investigation, Carter and Papayans were proved to have been  intoxicated during the incident, and failed to comply when the bartender asked them to leave. They reportedly assaulted the staff, and the whole event was recorded by a CCTV camera.

The next day, Carted appeared before the judge to face the charge of misdemeanor count of battery against him. After his release, he called the press and apologized to his fans for such misconduct.

‘I am not perfect.’ – Carter told the reporters. He also added that he was just trying to enjoy his vacation like any regular guy.


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