New Twists on Classic Short Hairstyles for Women

Looking for some classic short hairstyles for women? Short hair has long been the rage amongst celebrities and stylists. From Jennifer Aniston’s not-so-Rachel double-layered crop and Hilary Duff’s edgy short look to Katy Perry’s mid-chin dye-job, celebrities know that the short haired look is the way to go for an easy to manage look that can be transformed from rocker chic to classic diva in a matter of minutes.

Ready to take the chop? Before you head to your nearest stylist, take a look at our five favorite twists on popular, celebrity short haired styles:

Top Short Hairstyles for Women

1. Classical and Clean Preppy Bob

Emma Watson Short hairstyle New Twists on Classic Short Hairstyles for WomenEmma Watson bravely chopped her long, wavy hair shortly after the Harry Potter series ended and the world was in an uproar at the change. While years later hairstylists are still asked for the “Emma” haircut, many more are now getting asked to replicate Watson’s fantastically preppy bob.

The best part of having a bob, short hair look is the flexibility. It can be a wavy mess, hold pin curls, be styled flawlessly, and be put in an many different updos. But to make this bob cut really work, try using styling products that create a 1950s signature vibe.

Instead of styling it completely straight or rigid, ala Kelly Clarkson, try adding a large barrel curl at the ends. It adds more class and personality to the look and can be taken everywhere from the grocery store to a formal event. As for your bangs, keep them pinned back behind the ears for a look that is easy to execute but clean in appearance.

2. Sleek Pixie

Charlize Teron short hairstyle New Twists on Classic Short Hairstyles for WomenEveryone remembers the iconic scene in the classic romance, Roman Holiday where prim-and-proper princess sheds her royal locks for something completely different– a boyish, yet feminine pixie.

Who knew then that this one little movie scene would change how women cut and style their hair forever!

The pixie is the perfect short hairstyle for anyone with a bit of guts and a lot of bold in them. The hairstyle looks and works best when it is sleek and styled with less volume.

A great example of this is Charlize Theron’s sleek and chopped look. With her stunning facial structure and longer face, the sleek pixie brings attention to her eyes, hair, and cheekbones. It also gives her a younger and fresher appearance, even when it gets a little messy.

3. Faux Hawk

Pink - blonde short hairstyleWant to draw all eyes on to you? The faux hawk should be in the cards for you! This attention grabbing look is not just for punk rock guys.

More and more are female trend leader like Miley Cyrus bucking trends and styling their hair up. The faux hawk is a simple style, especially for ladies already rocking the pixie or short bob. Just use the toughest styling products (like clay) and work your roots upward. Whether you style it up and back (like Miley’s more sleek look) or with tousled waves like BET’s Miss Mykie, the faux hawk has the potential to define your look.

Want to be even more unique? Instead of just styling your hair in an occasional faux hawk, make it permanent by taking the plunge with a shaved side.

This ultimate rocker look is not for the faint at heart, but it will give short hair girls an edgy look that will certainly turn heads their way.

4. Ombre Dip Dye

Alexa Chung – short hairThe ombre trend has been taken hostage by long hair girls for far too long. Sure, they may have more to work with when it comes to length, but the ombre look has far more impact when it is done with hair closer to the root. The dip dye is a simple alternative to a full ombre. Instead of segmenting the pigments in each layer or section of hair, the ends are dipped in a complementary color (such as a blonde tip for a brunette).

Short haired girls like Drew Barrymore, Rashida Jones, and Alexa Chung have all made ombre dip dye easily accessible for all styles.

If you’re looking for something a bit more on the wild side, take a page from Katy Perry. Her ombre dye jobs have been famous for years now. Her latest blue-green, short hair style caught everyone’s attention this summer.

5. The Vintage Pin Curl

Christina Aguilera - blonde hairstyleGoing somewhere special? Short hair girls can attest that finding the right do for an important or special night can be quite frustrating.

The next time you’re heading out, bring out the curlers for a vintage pin curl style. Pin curls were made popular in the 1940s and 50s but have been around for hundreds of years before. Because it can be done with everything from professional curlers, a couple hairpins, or even little twist ties; almost everyone can achieve this vintage glam look with a bit of patience.

Short hair girls get the maximum out of their curling. Christina Aguilera is a perfect example of how she evoked Marilyn Monroe’s classic pin-up with her bleach blonde short hair. Even pixie cut  Pink and sleek haired Heidi Klum have also graced the red carpets with bouncing pin curls to match their evening gowns.

Short Hairstyles for Women are the Best!

Try one today!

Whether you are adventurous or classic, a short hair cut can take your style to the next level. Remember that no matter your cut or color, your hair should be a reflection of who you are and where you’re going. With options like the preppy bob and the flirty pin curl, you’ll be saying yes to the scissors in no time.

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