Musiq Soulchild Pens New Book: ‘143 Love According to Musiq’

musiq soulchild 617 Musiq Soulchild Pens New Book: 143 Love According to Musiq

Musiq Soulchild is about to release a book on relationship advice called 143 Love According to Musiq. The book, as described by the singer is a “conversational piece in order to create a stronger bond between two people. For those of you looking to better the communication and overall connection in your relationship, this book is for you.”

Don’t worry, Musiq does not think of himself as a relationship expert. The soulful crooner says the book is simply expanding on what he already talks about in his songs.

“I’m just a dude talking about love… that’s all,” he said. “All the things that inspired the songs that you know about and that I hope that you love, I just elaborated more on those topics and I just presented it in book form.”

143 Love According to Musiq will be released on June 25. You can preorder a copy here.

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