Melanie Fiona Talks Blonde Hairstyle

melanie fiona 385 Melanie Fiona Talks Blonde Hairstyle

Melanie Fiona has been sporting some blonde and black tresses lately. The singer spoke to Essence about the drastic change.

“I was in the mood for change,” Fiona said. “Over the past year I have cut my hair with many variations of layers. Now that the layers are growing out, I wanted to do something fun in prep for my current tour.”

Fiona said she went with a platinum blonde color because she was influenced by ombre hairstyles.

I really liked the ombré influence, but I felt like I had seen it so much. So I flipped it and went two-tone. I never thought I could go blonde but once I did it, I fell in love! It really made me feel extra girly and summer-ready.”


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