Meet the Sisterhood – TLC’s Latest Reality TV Installment

tlcshowpreacherswives 300x285 Meet the Sisterhood – TLC’s Latest Reality TV Installment

Are you ready for another reality show? TLC will soon be serving us another dose of drama and this time, straight from the pulpit. The Sisterhood will premiere on January 1 at 9PM ET and will feature Atlanta-based preacher wives. We’ll go behind the scenes and watch as Domonique, Tara, Ivy, Christina and Delana tackle everyday life while dealing with the pressures and labels that society throws at them.

As with every new reality show, we’re already asking ourselves how these ladies will get along and work together. These are church folk, after all. I know some of you are praying that they’ll be mild mannered and do Black women proud; but something tells me that tempers will eventually flare and insults fly as these First Ladies attempt to show us how “real” preacher couples live and serve their communities. Can five strong-willed women really put cattiness and buffoonery aside and work together to present a united front?

This is what makes good drama and in the world of reality TV, drama sells. The network and show producers wouldn’t be airing it without enough conflict to keep us glued to our TV sets.

Will you be watching The Sisterhood or have you had enough “reality”?

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