Meet Die-hard Kesha Fans Protesting Outside Sony

After the Dr. Luke harassment story was exposed, Kesha fans did not take too long to come in support of their favorite singer. On February 26th, Kesha fans took position outside the Sony establishment in NY and demanded they free the pop diva. Overall, they were infuriated by Sony’s inability to take any visible action against the notorious Dr. Luke, who is accused of sexually assaulting Kesha.

So, let’s hear what Kesha fans have to say. The main reason of their distress is they just could not take it easily seeing their icon being forced to work with her abuser. According to them, it is a violation of all codes and ethics for mere business purpose. The fans were showing placards with “Sony Supports Rape” and “Free Kesha” written on them. They were also chanting slogans like: “Dr. Luke is really wack/Kesha needs her freedom back.” This incident clearly indicates that Kesha is not alone in her fight against the alleged sexual harassment. Any spokesperson from the recording company, Sony, is yet to make a statement. Fans are suspecting that Sony is more into getting their job done and the ‘other’ things are second in their priority list.



This protest outside Sony was organized by Michael Eisele, an 18 year old, who called in fans during Kesha’s NYC hearing last week, too. It is learned that the teen has been raising support on Kesha’s side for the last three years or so. According to this devoted Kesha friend, this is now a worldwide movement and every Kesha fan should observe their due role to support their favorite pop star.

A local court refused Kesha’s injunction to continue working with Sony and one of its subsidiaries owned by accused Dr. Luke. Kesha recently claimed that the producer raped her when she was on drug given by Dr. Luke. She also accused him of mentally abusing her for the last few years. When asked about these allegations, Dr. Luke denied all charges against him.


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