Makeup Tips for African American Skin

Is it just me or is it very difficult to find the perfect cover up to match your skin tone? It is even harder when you have a darker skin or a rose tint. Have you ever found yourself wanting to wear the brightest eyeshadow tones that you can find? Do it! Here are some tips on how to make that shopping trip a tad easier!

Mix it up
Darker skin tones look best with a foundation that has a yellow undertone. Best tip though is to try and avoid colors that are too light to avoid a chalky look. Don’t be afraid to mix different colors together to get the color that best suits your skin.

Brighten it up
Go bold ladies! With a darker skin tone, bright eye shadow colors help your eyes pop. If you feel comfortable wearing colorful hues, go crazy. Try experimenting with bright colors and find the perfect one for you.

Bright Lips
Maroon, reds, burgundy, peach and nude look amazing against a dark skin tone. If you want to use a lip liner, choose one that’s close to your lip color or one that matches your lip color. Avoid using lip liners which are too much of a contrast to your lip as we don’t want to live out the 90’s again.

Bronze it up
Bronzer bronzer bronzer! This could be your secret weapon. Go for a bronzer that is a tad lighter than your skin tone, which will add lots of dimension and shape into your face. Apply where you would like some lift such as your cheeks and side of your chin.


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