Madonna Fashion Trends

m Madonna Fashion Trends

Like the seasons Madonna Fashion Trends evolves to fit her lifestyle and adapts to her changing fashion environment. She went from an edgy “Material Girl” image in the 80s to a raw sexy look with the cone shaped bra to sophistication in the early 90s during her portrayal of Evita Peron in the film Argentina. From there she took a turn in her life towards religion and spirituality and so did her wardrobe as she wore relaxed sari type garments.

Today, Madonna is still an icon in the fashion industry and leading trends as we speak. Many years the singer/actress relied on famous fashion designers to clothe her, but now with her new fashion collection “M” she doesn’t have to do that anymore if she chooses. Although it is not couture, the line is comfortable and stylish for the working woman. I see Madonna setting fashion trends for years to come.

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