Liposuction Division: The Tara Reid Belly Disaster

tara reid saggy stomach 04 Liposuction Division: The Tara Reid Belly Disaster

Wow! Where did Tara Reid go to get plastic surgery? This job is a bad example for the six pack that she set out to get. She should have went to Beverly Hills and check out Dr Alan Bittner Reviews Of His Liposculpture. At least then she would have had some proof and credentials that she would get professional results from a specialized surgeon. He specializes in micro-liposculpture procedures that is a lifetime guarantee, not just the day you come out of surgery, Tara.

Her tummy is not sculpted well. It looks like a bad case of cellulite. I’m sorry, but she should have done more research of health and medical facilities who specialize in cosmetic body makeovers. Or even checking out a Medical forum on lipodissolve.

Celebrities get themselves into too much damage due to having so much riches. They do things that the average joe can’t do so most of the time it is unnecessary.  All Tara had to do is exercise and maintain a healthy diet to get her six pack. She can afford a trainer to show her how to lift weights and tighten her abs. She was already skinny. She didn’t have far to go.

Where is the liposuction and breast enlargement army when you need one. Tara Reid is in the middle of a body contouring chaos.

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