Layered Curly Bob

curly bob Layered Curly Bob

The layered curly bob is a simple transition from a layered bob haircut. Go from straight to curly and still have a trendy style. These pictures of celebrity curly bob styles can be achieved just by using a curly iron or rods to develop spirals or a crimping iron to create wavy curls or just start out having naturally curly hair and get it cut into a layered bob. This is a great alternative if you are going to get a bob haircut and later want a little change. Go curly for that extra va voom appeal on a night out on the town.

Curls are always sexy and the layered curly bob can be worn in a variety of ways. Just look at the choices above. From tight curls to loose curl to soft curls, there are so many options to change up your look.

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