Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle Australia

kim kardashian 300x250 Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle Australia

Kim Kardashian is gracing the cover of InStyle Australia and opened up about why she wanted to televise her wedding (that caused quite a media frenzy) and how reality television has changed her family.

“We took weeks to decide if we were going to film [the wedding] or not, but I felt like my fans—everyone that has gone on this journey with me, seeing different relationships that I’ve been in—would feel cheated if I didn’t film it,” Kardashian confessed to InStyle. “It was something that Kris [Humphries]and I were okay with, and the beauty of it is we get to edit it. It [will be] great to look back at that and see this time in our lives.”

The reality starlet also says that the television cameras have brought her family closer together.

“You usually see reality shows where the family tears [each other] apart. For us, it’s brought us closer together. When we’re filming, we’re all in the same city at the same time— which is rare, because we’re all traveling so much—so it forces us to stay together more.”

For the rest of the interview, visit InStyle.

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